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Tony Bell Memorial game held on 24th March 2019


Tony Bell….

Tony Bell represented Derby RFC in many ways, on and off the field, through business and through his support for the club in official capacities. I only knew Tony for a relatively short period of time, and whilst I knew him from his business dealing as the club’s insurance brokers  for some years, it was only once he became the club’s Patron, did I get to know him better. During his time as President of the Club, he would ensure he supported as many events and matches as he could, paying special attention to Mini and Junior Rugby too.

Tony did many things for the club in the early days at Kedleston Road, raising funds and working with others to make sure the club ran successfully. I am sure that today there will be a few stories to tell of those days gone by.

If Tony were here today, he would have a keen eye on the referee, a ‘position’ on the park he took a great interest in, and was known to ‘have an opinion’ of the said officials ‘performance’ at times 🙂

I hope today will bring a few smiles to us all, and bring back some memories to share.

Finally I would like to thank Tony’s family for agreeing to donate part of today’s receipts towards the club’s refurbishment funds, and especially towards the Main Stand refurbishment, which you will see is now well underway.

Martyn Murney
Derby RFC Club Chairman

Family Tribute….

Tony Bell man and boy absolutely loved the game of Rugby Football. He was a proud player, referee, supporter, President and Patron of Derby Rugby Club.

He wore his blazer with pride. As his memory faded and his confidence left him, he greatly valued the friendship and kindness of all the members here. He would have been absolutely thrilled to see so many of you gathered here today to watch the match played in his memory.

He will no doubt be joining you all in the bar later!

Much love Susie x

Susie Bell
on behalf of the family

Photo 073 Susie-Ian-Nettie and Lorraine (Woody)

Susie, Ian, Nettie and Lorraine (Woody)

Derbyshire Gents XV and Presidents Select XV….

Derbyshire Gentlemen
Kieran Murphy (Co-Captain)
Ben Marlow
Josh Tizard
George Castledine
Ian Lucas
Roger Lucas
Richard Lucas
I. Lucas
William Lucas
B. Lucas
Colin Lucas
cont… Derbyshire Gentlemen
Joe Booth
Matt Bates (Co-Captain)
Ian Bell (Honorary Captain)
Martin Kent
Julian Ord
Paul Hopkinson
G. Bates
Bullet Marron
Nat Wigley
Tom Antrobus
Steve Avenier
Derby RFC Presidents Select
Paul McCartin
Pete Wilcox
Matt Erwin
Fred Acton
Dave Goodman
Dave Bussell
Sean Eley
Jody Else
Phil Maddocks
Tom Hillyer
Glyn Acton
Dave Fearn
cont… Derby RFC Presidents Select
Andy Fearn
Filipe Mafi
Richard Tafa
Campbell Wigley
Nathaniel Wigley
Steve Loomes
Harvey Loomes
Ryan Milton
Rod Muir

Photographs of the game….