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Tony Bell memorial game on Sunday 24th March 2019

Update 17th March 2019: The team sheets are now known (see below) and the KO time has been brought forward to 2.30pm (was previously 3pm).

A Rugby Union Football Match at Derby RFC in Memory of Tony Bell

Derbyshire Gentlemen V Derby RFC Presidents Select
Sunday 24th March 2019
KO 2.30pm

Yes, once again a rumble can be heard around the county as the Derbyshire Gentle-men stir from slumber and prepare to take to the field once again in memory of a member now past to the clubhouse above.

The changing rooms at Derby RFC will once again echo, not to rap music but to the gentle murmur of philosophical  discussion and an occasional guffaw at an inappro-priate Joke. Not aromatherapy massage oils but the smell of Wintergreen, Slone’s Liniment and Woodbines will waft through the corridors. The speed and agility of youth will be smothered by guile and sculduggery gained from  years of experience.

Come and join in the fun at the club, plenty of food and drink available. Proceeds are donated to local charities.

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Derbyshire Gentlemen

Kieran Murphy (Co-Captain)
Ben Marlow
Josh Tizard
George Castledine
Ian Lucas
Roger Lucas
Richard Lucas
I. Lucas
William Lucas
B. Lucas
Colin Lucas
Joe Booth
Matt Bates (Co-Captain)
Ian Bell Honorary (Captain)
Martin Kent (Not Captain)
Julian Ord
Paul Hopkinson
G. Bates
Bullet Marron
Nat Wigley
Tom Antrobus
Steve Avenier

Derby RFC Presidents Select

Paul McCartin
Pete Wilcox
Matt Erwin
Fred Acton
Dave Goodman
Dave Bussell
Sean Eley
Jody Else
Phil Maddocks
Tom Hillyer
Glyn Acton
Dave Fearn
Andy Fearn
Filipe Mafi
Richard Tafa
Campbell Wigley
Nathaniel Wigley
Steve Loomes
Harvey Loomes
Ryan Milton
Rod Muir