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Pay Subs Online

Derby RFC is continuing with its use of PaySubsOnline to collect membership details and subscriptions. Most club members will already have an account from last season, in which case please login to your account, check and amend the details we have for you (M&J members in particular, please check age  group, school etc.), select the appropriate membership category and proceed to the payment process (unless Sponsored, in which case a check against the list of Sponsored Players will be done before your membership is accepted).

For those players for whom we do not already have full contact details, please select your category and complete the information requested of you below in the ‘Registration and Payment Process section’.

One change from last year is the ‘Occasional Membership’ option available to Seniors. This now includes a match fee in order to reduce the administrative burden on captains and managers and is set at £110 on the assumption that if you choose this category you will play around 8 games. Please do not select this category if you expect to play many more than this number.

Registration and Payment Process

Select your chosen membership from the dropdown list below and then follow the instructions.

Do you need help with the Registration & Payment Process?

Here are some instructions which you may find useful if you are a first time user of this process,

Select your playing category from the dropdown list and complete the information requested of you.

After completing details and clicking on ‘submit and proceed to next page’ you will be presented with a screen looking like the below. Please leave the ‘pre-authorise future payments’ to minimise effort by yourself in future. You can be assured that only 9 further payment will be taken and a new registration process will be gone through for next season. (Note it is possible to pay a one-off payment if you would prefer that).


After clicking on ‘pay here’ you will be taken to a secure page on the “GoCardless.com” website similar to that shown below. It will already have most of your details forwarded from the PaySubsOnline information. Unless you already have a GoCardless account for other reasons you will need to keep that radio button selected and provide your Sort Code, Account Number and a password and then press ‘Continue’. If you do have a Go Cardless account, select that option and provide the account details when asked. Follow any further instructions.


After going through the payment process, you should get an email confirmation that your first payment has been successfully made. The aim is to get the first month’s payment in by 1st September for as many players as possible, so please help us to achieve this.

If you are unclear about anything to do with the process then for Senior Players please contact Colin Cornfield or for Minis & Juniors players please contact Caroline Hibbs.