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Seasons Leaders

The table below is hopefully self-explanatory: it shows the players who have played the most, scored the most points and scored the most tries for each season, since we moved to Haslams.

2014/15Ben Marlow 26George Castledine 208Ben Marlow 13
Sam Hobbs 13
2013/14Tom Taylor-Dawes 27George Castledine 249Andy Brown 15
2012/13Ben Marlow 27Matt Down 73Ben Marlow 11
2011/12Todd Bullions 27Andy Brown 123Andy Brown 16
2010/11Ben Coombes 28Ben Marlow 110Ben Marlow 22
Pete Wilcox 28
2009/10Phil Robinson 30Paul Burrows 153Mikey Robertson 17
2008/09Richie Robinson 24Paul Burrows 88Darren Hersey 4
Ben Marlow 4
2007/08Brett Beckham 27Brett Beckham 146Owen West 6
Richie Robinson 27
2006/07Brett Beckham 27Brett Beckham 240Brett Beckham 9
Robert Lucas 27Filini Mafi 9
2005/06Andrew Congalton 28Andrew Congalton 374Richard Tafa 20
2004/05Mark Bradley 27Danny Glover 105Kevin Dove 17
Rod Muir 27
2003/04Mark Bradley 28Gray Cornelius 188Tom Rolt 18
2002/03Joe Mills 34Dave Fearn 308Elliot Spencer 17