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RFU Grand Prize Draw 2017/18

Club members, family and friends, the RFU has run the “Grand Prize Draw” for the last few years, and we at Derby have tried to take advantage of this fund raising activity before.

This is a great opportunity for our club to raise a lot of cash very easily, all we have to do is sell a £1 ticket (or multiples of) to anyone we know, and the club keeps 90p of that £1! Only 10p goes back to the RFU, the rest is ours.

I want you all to help me raise as much cash a possible, through this simple initiative, which will help us to boost our club funds for future refurbishment of the club. Many clubs do this very successfully, and I see no reason why we cannot be one of those also.

This is my personal objective, and I need your help to achieve this goal and raise at least £3000 for the club in this season. We will then keep this going each year, and take advantage of this fund raising scheme sponsored by the RFU.

I hope you will give this your full support.

Martyn Murney
Derby RFC Club Chairman